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Poindexter Pest Control, Inc. is a family owned company started in 1979 by Gus Poindexter. While there were many who thought Gus would become a professional golfer, Gus had a different idea. At age 46, with years invested in the Pest Control industry, Gus decided to combine the best of two worlds. He began Poindexter Pest Control, Inc. by convincing enough of his golfing buddies to become his pest control customers. Since the early days of doing it all himself, Gus has grown the business to include eight full time employees. Poindexter Pest Control has been in business more than thirty years, and throughout what has made Gus Poindexter most proud is his dedication to serving his customers with good service, loyalty, and honesty. This gives Poindexter Pest Control, Inc. a reputation of caring and personal integrity that only exists in small family owned businesses.

Poindexter Pest Control’s mission is to deliver pest control solutions with honest and integrity while providing a quality work environment for our employees.

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A termite infestation can be devastating to the structure of your home. Unfortunately, many termite infestations go undiscovered until considerable damage has been done. Don’t wait until the strength and security of your home has been compromised – Poindexter Pest Control provides both preventative and corrective termite control services.

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